Friendship Poems

These friendship poems will help you express your feelings, and tell your friends that you value your friendships with them. Whether you are searching for a poem for your best friend, a funny poem to make them laugh, or something more inspirational to inspire them. You will find these poems right here. I hope you have fun searching for wonderful friendship poetry that you will share with all your friends.


Upon a friend you can depend,
And this has always been the trend,
From ancient times to modern day,
A friend will always find a way.

By lending hands and being there,
A friend can show you that they care,
And friends always know what to do,
To help you out and pull you through.

So always celebrate your pals,
And whether they be guys or gals,
Just treasure them forever more,
For they're the people you adore.

by Jennifer Wilson
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Have you noticed that these poems rhyme? I'm sure you have. Actually, every single poem on this site rhymes. So if you enjoy reading rhyming poetry, than you are in the right place.

You Make Me Feel

Longing for someone unique and special,

The way you make me feel inside is nothing I can hide,
Together we can accomplish anything,
Just by the way you make my heart sing.

When I am with you, I feel like a fully blossomed rose,
Instead of how I feel like a small bud when I am with my foes.

Our love is stronger than ever, I love you even more,
You are all I ever need, all I will adore.

Without you I feel incomplete, or like a sinking ship,
Our rope of love is so strong, it can never rip.

Even after all the challenges that you have put me through,
I still am able to say that I am in love with you.

By Love Blakely

Good Friend

So many names to call a friend,
The list is far from short,
Like buddy, pal and good old chum,
And some might say cohort.

Partner sounds too western,
Confidante just doesn’t fit,
We could try to use acquaintance,
(I don’t like that name one bit).

We've tried out quite a lot here,
But they all feel like dead ends,
So I’ll just stick with what has worked,
And call you my good friend.

by Jennifer Wilson

I would just like to wish you many long-lasting and valuable friendships in your life. I hope all your friendships bring you joy and comfort as you live life with passion and lots of fun!