Best Friend Poems

Here you will find a variety of unique best friend poems. Feel free to share them with your best friend or friends.


It's hard to pinpoint, what exactly
Makes a best friend "best,"
But something very special
Makes her different from the rest.

It may be the good deeds she does,
Or how she makes you smile,
It may be how she makes you feel,
That everything's worthwhile.

But with a very best friend,
You just know it when it's right,
It's such a rare and precious thing,
It makes the world seem bright!

by Jennifer Wilson
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A best friend poem is a small little gesture that will touch your friends heart. Some are meant to be very cute, while others are intended to be more on the funny side. Personally, I enjoy sharing the really sweet ones.

You, My Friend

You, my dear, are just so kind,
We're a great team when combined,
I love to just spend time with you,
And chit-chat whether glad or blue.

You, my pal, are just the best,
You're my best friend and I feel blessed,
You are so very good to me,
There's no one else so nice, you see.

You, my friend, are such a dear,
You make the cloudy days seem clear,
It's so much fun to be your friend,
I hope it never, ever ends.

by Jennifer Wilson

I am sure that you will find the right poems for your best friend on these pages. Here's one that is called Silence, as it talks about the fact that best friends are very comfortable when there is silence and understand one another very well, without even speaking.

This best friendship poem rhymes quite well. There are many types of ways that one may lose a best friend. Growing apart over time is a common and sad thing that happens to all of us as some point in our lives.

How long have you known your best friend? Has it been many, many years? If that's the case, maybe a best friends forever poem will suit your situation.

You Could Say is a nice little poem that may be shared between all the gals out there, enjoy. One of a Kind is another poem written for all us ladies out there, so that we may share it with our closest girlfriends.

My sister means so much to me, she is one of my closest and dearest friends that I have, and I cherish our relationship. If your best friend is getting married, I recommend that you share this wedding poem with her. She will love it.

Do you agree that it is important to show and tell your best friend how much you love him/her? Here's a best friend love poem that you could consider sharing with your best friend. I hope you enjoyed reading the best friend poems in this section. Just don't forget to share them with your best friends.

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