Friend of Destiny

What can I say you know they’ll never walk away,
People talk in our face all we do is runaway.

So like I said what can I say people may hate,
But let them because well always have our fate.

We may have our fights and nothing goes right,
But at the end of the day well always be tight.

To my best friend Destiny

By Rubie

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The Test of Time

Through the test of time our friendship has passed,
Through the thorns and stones of life so far,
Together we will stay together we are,
My heart’s door for you is always ajar!

My life gets meaning when you come near,
Wiping my face of tears,
My heart cries when you go far,
My smile returns when I hold you in my arms.

In the future I wish we never are apart,
Our friendship is cemented with love of our hearts,
Nowhere to go; nowhere to come,
It’s only you and me and our friendship goes on!!

By Pragyan

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I Want To Hold You Tight

When you’re there I’m strong,
You made things right when I’m wrong.
You made me laugh when I’m sad,
As well as make me smile when I’m mad.

You’re not there when I needed you most,
In the desert I was lost.
I want to cry all night,
I want to hold you tight.

Tell me what’s wrong,
Then I’ll do it right.
I’ll make a song,
For you I’ll never fight.

Just come back to me,
But if you don’t want,
Then I’ll sent you free,
Now that you’re gone from me.

By Eunie Garde

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Poem of the Month

You Make Me Feel

The way you make me feel inside is nothing I can hide,
Together we can accomplish anything,
Just by the way you make my heart sing.

When I am with you, I feel like a fully blossomed rose,
Instead of how I feel like a small bud when I am with my foes.

Our love is stronger than ever, I love you even more,
You are all I ever need, all I will adore.

Without you I feel incomplete, or like a sinking ship,
Our rope of love is so strong, it can never rip.

Even after all the challenges that you have put me through,
I still am able to say that I am in love with you.

By Love Blakely

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Poem of the Month

Someone Special

Longing for someone unique and special,
It makes me feel like I’m going mental,
Special friends are hard to find,
A friend who knows what’s on your mind.

They know when you are happy,
They know when you are sad,
They know when you are tired,
And they know when you are mad.

All our secrets we will share,
Tell anyone else-we wouldn’t dare,
Sometimes fights they will begin,
But always end with a big grin.

By Julie des Tombe

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Poem of the Month


Remember when we were best friends,
We told each other our secrets,
And I never told a soul,

Everything was perfect, when were best friends,
Then one day you changed.

From there on we grew apart,
I wanted you back,
I waited at the park,
But you never came, for I was sad.

I miss the times when we hung out,
I don’t know why you left me,
I fear to never see you again.

Do you remember, when we were best friends

By Faith B.C.

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Pranks Poem

True friends can play pranks on eachother, and laugh about it later. This poem is about a friend who likes to play pranks on other friends. I’m sure everyone out there has a friend like this. Or maybe you are the friendly prankster! Enjoy.


You think that whoopie cushions
Are hilarious and fun,
You think it’s great to make me blush
In front of everyone.

You do not mind a crank call,
In the middle of the night,
You don’t mind crying phony tears,
You think it’s quite all right!

But I do love your pranks, my friend,
You really take the cake,
You’re simply quite a jokester,
You can make my sides just ache!

by Jennifer Wilson

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Asperger’s Syndrome – a Barrier in Forming Friendships for Children

We learn to make friends from our childhood itself. We are not taught by anyone to do so but instinctively choose to develop friendship with others from the very moment we are exposed to the outer world. However, such is not the case with everyone. A child suffering from Asperger’s syndrome finds it extremely difficult to form friendships and communicate with others easily.

This is because Asperger’s syndrome is a kind of developmental disorder in which the processing of information by the brain is affected so that it has a direct impact on the child’s social and emotional behavior as well as its communication skills. Our reactions are dependent on how quickly the brain manages to process information. If that is affected, it can alter the course of life in a big way and that is exactly what happens with children suffering from Asperger’s syndrome.
How do you make friends? The first step obviously is by communicating. As you start conversing with new people, a bond develops which gradually takes the shape of friendship.

However, a child who has Asperger’s syndrome falters in the first step itself. It is not that the child has poor language skills because of the disease. On the contrary, there are some children who have above-average skills as far as language is concerned. But, the problem arises in communication.

An Asperger’s syndrome patient fails to communicate effectively even plain things like recounting what has happened on a given day or simply narrating a tale or incident. They also lack the capability to read body language so that if someone tries to convey that he is hurt or unhappy, they are unable to understand them. This often comes in the way of making friends.

A grown-up man may try to understand and embrace someone suffering from the disorder. But, you cannot expect such maturity from children. Other kids often do not give a child with Asperger’s syndrome a chance or an opportunity to express himself. They are also sometimes a bit insensitive towards them which make such kids all the more aggressive and difficult to handle.

However, children with Asperger’s syndrome take a lot lesser time to make friends on social networking sites. This is because it rids them off the embarrassment of inter-personal communication. They find it much easier to express their thoughts and feelings on a networking site than in real life. Even if he takes time to react to a post or expression, there is no one to laugh at him or coax him to be fast and prompt. That is why most children who have some kind of developmental disorder make use of the net to do things that they dread doing in real life.

A child with this disorder, therefore, can still hope to make friends albeit with quite a bit of effort. Social networking sites can be the first step towards that goal. As they gain confidence, they can gradually extend a hand of friendship to kids in the real world as well.

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Are You My True Friend?

How do you assess friendship? How do you ascertain someone is your true friend? If that person is someone you know in person, you can easily do so by testing his friendship on different occasions. If this individual stands the test of time, you can be rest assured of his or her loyalty and devotion. However, the same formula cannot be applied to an online friend.

With online friends, it is a different game altogether. It can be a bit tricky to judge the credibility of a friend you met on social networking sites such as Facebook or twitter. We all receive friend requests from time to time on such networking sites. We accept some and reject the others. However, a person does not become your friend merely because you accept his request. There is much more that is needed in order to be worthy of being called a friend.

It is true that it might take a lot more time than usual to test the friendship of an online mate. It is bound to happen because you cannot be totally sure that the person on the other end is actually speaking the truth or genuinely wants to be your friend without harboring any malicious intentions. But, in the same breath, it can also be said that it is not an impossible proposition. A little introspection and analysis can do the job.

There are some individuals who keep sending friend requests until you accept them. They show their eagerness to be your friend and express how obliged they would feel if you make them a part of your list. However, within months of yours doing so, they make the disappearing act leaving you in a state of bewilderment. The main intention of such friends is to increase their contacts list so that they can flaunt that they have n number of friends on Facebook. This is surely not the definition of a true friend.

Having a social networking account often means giving regular updates about your mental state and some information from your life that you would like to share with others. Does that friend whose request you accepted regularly post reactions and comments based on your wall posts? Can you gauge some amount of genuineness and honesty in his or her comments? If that is the case, your new friend surely seems to be moving towards that direction.

The acid test of a true friend lies in those trying times when you want to stay all alone and usually vent all your feelings on networking sites hoping only an online pal would console you without being judgmental. If you do not find any trace of him or her in this period, you would clearly get your answer. And if you do, you can feel happy thinking you have gained one more precious friend.

The route you take to find a friend does not matter. What really matters is to find someone as a friend who knows the definition of friendship and is also aware of how to keep it forever.

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A poem about Adventure

winding road


It all began with a simple plan,
I borrowed dads old sedan.
Went to pick up best friend jenny,
Had to count every penny.

So excited about the road ahead,
During the night, we slept in shed.
So many new things, our young eyes saw,
Our minds and hearts were filled with awe.

This adventure was really cool,
Especially since we missed some school.
Once our parents figured we scammed,
Next few months, were slightly damned.

Let me say it was worth the trip,
Next time, we shall take a ship.
Life should be more than a routine chore,
Choose your friends, and go explore!

by Jennifer Wilson

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