Friendship Poetry

Using friendship poetry, you may be able to express yourself a little bit. You can show your dear friends that they are on your mind, and that they are very important in your life.

Meaning Of Friendship

What does friendship mean to you?
Is it about a love that's true?
Does it mean loyalty and trust?
Are understanding words a must?

What is it that friendship means?
Is it something quite routine?
Like friendly words you can believe?
Or loving notes that you receive?

Friendship can mean many things,
But it's the happiness it brings,
That makes us want to make new friends,
Or feel so sad when friendships end!

by Jennifer Wilson
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Let's begin with some friend poetry that will show your appreciation and gratitude. However, if you have a friend that is going through a tough time right now, may this person just needs a little bit of encouragement. That's where inspirational friendship poetry comes to the rescue.

What is friendship? We can all write volumes of books answering that question. But a quick little hint is available on the poetry about friendship page. If you are looking for a really cute friendship poem, than you should check out the poetry for friendship page.

Because of You

Once upon a time,
I had a lovely friend,
She was a lovely girl,
On whom I could depend.

We'd been friends for years,
And everything was great,
And so one day I said
That we should celebrate!

So here are some good wishes,
For a lovely friend so true,
I am so very happy,
And it's all because of you!

by Jennifer Wilson

I Was Lonely

I was lonely, I was blue,
I just didn't know what to do.

You entered my life and worked your spell,
Suddenly all seemed well.

I don't know what you have done,
But trust me you are the only one.

You make my day so damn bright,
And turn my darkness into light.

Thank you friend for being there,
You're the only friend that ever really cared.

By Shyra B

When is the next time that you will be going to the beach with your friends? Well, let me recommend sharing the poem called, Yearn, with them, since it talks about friends at the beach.

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The last poem in this section, I would like to dedicate to my wonderful and amazing Sister, who I love very much. Thank you for spending time reading the poems in the friendship poetry section.

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