Funny Friendship Poems

These funny friendship poems were written in order to make you and your friends laugh. Hopefully they succeed.

Mutual Complain

If you're feeling very old,
Like your wrinkles are quite bold,
Just remember, I'm there too,
Getting old along with you.

When your arms begin to sag,
And you feel like an old bag,
Just remember, I droop too,
But there is nothing we can do.

With each other, we complain,
About our little aches and pains,
And I'm so glad that you're my pal,
Because you're such a funny gal!

by Jennifer Wilson
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Often times, it's the original friendship poems that are the funniest. This is because they are very unique and different from the rest. While, some friendship verses were not suppose to be funny, but end up being funny by accident.


Friends keep all your secrets,
Friends, they never lie,
Friends will tell you if you have
Mascara in your eye.

Friends know all your mishaps,
Friends, they don't make fun,
Friends will never blab your faults
In front of everyone.

Friends believe in kindness,
Friends, they're in the know,
Friends will never let you down
Or say "I told you so!"

by Jennifer Wilson

The poem titled, Told You So will surely cheer any friend up. While flipped your lid is a poem that makes fun of a friends hair or hair day. I hope it makes you laugh, and share it with a friend when they are having a bad hair day, or right when they wake up.

My favorite friendshop poem from this section is definitely Hide The Things. Here's another funny one that is titled, pranks. I'm sure you know exactly what that one talks about.

I hope that you enjoyed reading and sharing these funny friendship poems. Have a hilarious day!

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