Goodbye Friend Poems

Having a good friend move away can be devastating, and most of us have a hard time letting go; goodbye friend poems that you see below and throughout this section can help you find the words to express how you feel.


I hate that you are leaving,
I'm almost disbelieving,
I want you to stay here,
You always bring me cheer!

I can't believe you're moving,
Though those boxes now are proving,
That you've really made your plans
And it is quite out of my hands.

I wish that you could stay here
You mean so much to me, dear,
And I hate to see you go
Because I really love you so!

by Jennifer Wilson
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When someone you love moves far away, it can feel like a hole is opening up in your heart. Although you promise to keep in touch, you know things will never be the same, and it is hard to imagine life without your friend nearby.

My mother's best friend Louise had lived next door to her for over forty years. After Louise's husband passed away, she decided to move to Florida to be closer to her grandchildren. She was excited about her new condo, and talked about it all the time. Even though my mom acted like she was happy for her, she was really broken up; she didn't know what she would do without her lifelong friend next door.

Mom did not want to ruin her friend's happiness by bringing her down, but she just did not know how to say goodbye. One day, while she was visiting me and talking about Louise's move, I sat her down in front of the computer and found some goodbye poems. This verse here caught her attention, and she had me print it out.

During the week before Louise left, my mom took her out for a farewell lunch and gave her this poem in a card. The two of them cried a bit together, and had a good laugh - it was good for my mother to find the right way to say goodbye. When you need to find the words to express your feelings about a friend moving away, goodbye friend poems are just what you need.

Reminded Me of You

I read this poem and it reminded me of you,
Even though it left me with questions.

Why do you want our friendship to end?
Do you miss us being friends?

I see you walking everyday at school,
And my heart aches every time.

I miss us being friends,
I'm sorry for what I did,
I'm just glad we were friends.

Good Luck in the future,
I wish the best,
I guess this is GODDBYE.

By Rere

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