Hurt Friend Poems

Hurt friend poems can help heal the wounds caused by an argument and strengthen your friendships. Come and discover hundreds of free poems that you can print out for free and send to your friends.


I know I hurt your feelings
And I hope that you are healing,
From the harsh words that I said
And from the tears you might have shed.

I hate to know I hurt you
And I hope you know that's so true,
You deserve a better friend
And I hope these wounds to mend.

I hope that we can talk soon
And perhaps, can sing a new tune
About friendship and new starts,
I would love that, from the heart.

by Jennifer Wilson
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If you are like most of us, you have probably had more than one fight with people that you really care about and said things you didn't really mean. Anyone can get caught up in the heat of an argument, and sometimes we say things that are hurtful just to get the upper hand, and then regret them later.

Fortunately, close friendships are usually strong enough to withstand a disagreement now and then. But you should never take a friend for granted, because there is nothing more important in life than the people who care about us.

All friendships need to be nurtured to survive, and if you have a falling out with someone you love, you will need to work to fix things. Personally, I am very hot-tempered, and sometimes little things set me off. I have said things to my closest friends that were really hurtful, even though I didn't mean them at all.

I always apologize afterward, and I have learned to do everything I can to let my friends know how much they really mean to me. Poems like this one are a great way to break the ice after a fight and let them know that you really do treasure the special relationship you have together. You can find hurt friend poems and verses for all kinds of occasions through our poetry site - come and see what we have to offer.

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