New Friendship Poems

High school is a hectic and difficult time, when you are trying to establish your own identity and fit in with friends; new friendship poems are a great way to connect with people and strengthen your relationships.

Met at School

Our friendship may be new,
But I think it's very true,
That a friendship always grows,
If it's nurtured like a rose.

Our friendship may be young,
Many songs we haven't sung,
But I think you're really cool,
(Even though we met at school!)

I hope that you agree,
And you also hope that we,
Can become much better friends
Before the school year ends!

by Jennifer Wilson
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When you meet someone you really connect with, it doesn't really matter that you have not been friends for life. A new friend who really understands you is worth as much as someone you have known since childhood.

High school is such a difficult time, and you are dealing with so many things. If you meet a new friend who really understands you, you can count yourself as extremely fortunate. Do not hesitate to strengthen your new relationships and let your friends know how much they mean to you.

My daughter was fourteen when she started high school, and she was a little scared. She had transferred in from another school district, and she was worried because she knew most of the kids had grown up together - she wondered if she would be able to make friends.

Fortunately, she hit it off with another girl who introduced her to a lot of other kids, and she ended up having the time of her life. New friendship poems like this one remind me of her high school experience; I am grateful that she found such a good friend, and I wish the same for anyone else in her situation.

Someone Special

Longing for someone unique and special,
It makes me feel like I'm going mental,
Special friends are hard to find,
A friend who knows what's on your mind.

They know when you are happy,
They know when you are sad,
They know when you are tired,
And they know when you are mad.

All our secrets we will share,
Tell anyone else-we wouldn't dare,
Sometimes fights they will begin,
But always end with a big grin.

By Julie des Tombe

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