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A sad friendship poem may have a variety of purposes. Most of them in this section talk about sorrow as a result of losing a friend. Sometimes this loss occurs when two individuals drift apart, while other times when one person moves away, or the worst scenario when a friend dies.

Here For You

I hate the way things are right now
You seem to be so sad
If only I could make you smile
I would be very glad.

I want to cheer you up, my friend,
Because you are so down,
I want to make you laugh right now
I hate to see you frown.

If I can do just anything
To make you smile again
Then tell me what it is you need
I'm here for you, my friend.

by Jennifer Wilson
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Sometimes we fight with our friends. If this happens often, a friendship may be broken. If you are trying to mend a broken friendship, try sharing or send your friend broken friendship poems. Sometimes, you need to leave your pride at the door, and simply say - I am so, so sorry.

If we have a very close relationship with someone for a long time, that last thing we would want to do is hurt our friend. Sometimes, it's not our fault and we just need to cheer our friends up when they are sad. That's exactly what this free sad poem tries to accomplish.


Why are you so sad today?
Has something gloomy come your way?
I hope that I can cheer your mood
I hate to see you start to brood.

You look much better with a smile,
I haven't seen yours for a while,
I hope you'll tell me what is wrong
I know that you are very strong.

Dear friend, you know I'd love to hear
All about your hopes and fears,
We'll try to make your darkness bright,
And we will set your problems right.

by Jennifer Wilson

If you have a close friend who is moving away, this can be very difficult for the both of you. This sorrow is captured in this goodbye friend poem. Here's another goodbye friendship poem that may be shared with your friend that is moving away. It actually tries to convince the friend to stay.

Another way of looking at this situation is by telling your friend that you are proud and happy for him or her. That's exactly what the poem called, Going, talks about. A teen may express these feelings through a goodbye teen friendship poem

It is common to miss a lost friendship that happened because of a fight or just drifted apart over time. One of the saddest poems that you will find in this section is the death of a friend poem.

I really hope that you find a sad friendship poem that will help you express your sorrow and loss.

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