Short Friendship Poems

Have you ever shared short friendship poems with your wonderful and unique friends? Well, if you haven't here's your opportunity.

Bloom & Grow

Your gentle way
Makes me smile,
All your words
Are so worthwhile.

You always know
Just what to say,
To add some sunshine
To my day.

Our friendship's great,
I love it so,
I hope that it
Will bloom and grow!

by Jennifer Wilson
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These short poems are little rhymes that were written to enhance your friendships and relationships with people. Here's a really sweet poem you could share with your friends, and I mean literally.

This cute friendship poem may be shared between teenage girls or even older ladies that grew up together (like me and one of my girlfriends). One of my favorite rhyming poems is this short poem that can even be easily remembered if you'd like.

You Are

You are kind,
Your peace of mind
Makes me relax,
That is a fact!

You are sweet,
You can't be beat,
It feels so nice,
To share advice.

You're my friend,
Until the end,
I'm so happy,
When you're with me!

by Jennifer Wilson

Here's some more touching friendship poems and true friendship poems written for your enjoyment.

Personally, I think, a true friend is someone that is quite rare. This person has always been there for you no matter what the circumstance. A true friend is also grateful for being your friend and will always treat you an equal. This person is always willing to listen to what you have to say.

These short friendship poems were written for you to share with your friends. They are even short enough to be added to a text message.

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