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Sweet as Honey

I think that you are sweet.
Being your friend is a treat!
And if I could have my choice,
I'd choose to always hear your voice.

I bet when you were made,
The angels clapped and played,
I bet the day was sunny,
For you are as sweet as honey!

As sweet as sweet can be,
You mean the world to me,
All of my love I send,
To you, my sweetest friend.

by Jennifer Wilson
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Do you have a best friend who means the world to you? If so, then you should not let another day go by without letting them know how much you care. Why not send a special friendship poem to tell them about your true feelings?

Once in a great while, we meet someone who turns out to be an especially good friend and stands out above all the rest, like my friend Monica. From the day we met, we totally hit it off, and we ended up spending part of every day together; when we weren't hanging out, we were on the phone for hours.

We have been friends for years now, and have been there for each other through relationship problems, marriages, pregnancies, and kids. Every year, we celebrate our "best friend anniversary" with a girls' night out. We often give each other cards and joke gifts, and we always have a great time.

One year, Monica gave me a copy of this poem - I thought it was so sweet that she went to so much trouble to let me know how much she cares about me. You can find sweet friendship poems for all your friends to celebrate a special occasion, or just because - print them out for free and surprise your friends today.

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