Teen Friendship Poems

These teen friendship poems were written specifically for teenagers. I hope they inspire you and your friends to exchange and write poetry.

I Think - No Wait

I think that you are super,
No, wait – I think you're cool,
I think that you are fabulous,
No, wait – I think you rule!

I think that you are awesome,
No, wait – you are the bomb,
I think that you are super fab,
No, wait – you'll rock the prom.

I guess that I just want to say
I think you're really fun,
And from my heart I mean it,
You are not to be outdone!

by Jennifer Wilson
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The teenage friendship poems in this section are all very unique. Some are intended to be cool friendship poems, while others were written to share with a new friend.

My Story

It's not easy for a teen,
Sometimes girls can be so mean,
But now I have a friend like you,
And it seems like the world is new.

Before you came, I was alone,
No one to talk to on the phone.
And now I laugh all day and night,
You make the world just seem so bright.

Thanks for being there for me,
You're the best friend a girl could be,
I hope you feel the same way too,
Just know that I am there for you!

by Jennifer Wilson

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I hope you enjoyed the teen friendship poems section of this website. Enjoy your youth.

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