Touching Friendship Poems

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Perfect Friends

I don't have much to give,
But as long as I shall live,
My thanks will know no end,
Because you are my friend.

You have touched my heart.
I hope we never grow apart,
You've been here all the while,
And you always make me smile.

I hope we won't lose touch,
Because you mean so very much,
I hope we'll always be,
Perfect friends, just you and me.

by Jennifer Wilson
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Nothing touches your heart like a close friendship; best friends are treasures that must be cherished forever. Sending friendship poems is a unique way to nurture that special bond between you, making your relationship stronger than ever.

My mother has had a close friend named Ruth for years; mom moved into the house next door to Ruth right after she married my dad, and they became close almost right away. I remember as a child, I spent nearly as much time in Ruth's house as I did at home, because they were always talking or working on something together.

Even though my parents were not wealthy, mom always felt so blessed and fortunate to have four healthy children, a loving husband, and a wonderful neighbor who was also her very best friend. One day, mom was watching me surfing the web, and we came across some friendship poems. She took a good look at this one, and asked me to print it out for her.

She put her crafting skills to work and made a beautiful card for Ruth, and copied this poem inside it; she gave it to her on her birthday as a celebration of how much their friendship means to her. With touching friendship poems like this one, you can express your true feelings to your closest friends, cementing your bond forever.

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